NOV’s WTIV Awards – There’s More Where That Came From

This week, NOV announced kit awards for two Cadeler X-class vessels, highlighting the rapidly growing demand for offshore wind equipment. While these specific boats were already included in our Offshore Wind Vessel database, we believe another 5-10 vessels could be ordered in the U.S. market alone, with additional construction needed to replace outdated international vessels.

Wind Turbine Installation Vessel Database [Lium Sheets]

The availability of offshore service vessels for installation and transportation is a potential bottleneck in the U.S. offshore wind growth story. In response, fleet providers are poised to invest billions in boat construction and we are tracking the fleet…

U.S. Offshore Wind Report

In this report, we assess the missing link in the U.S. Offshore Wind Power growth story – supply chain. Also with this report, we have uploaded our U.S. offshore wind project pipeline database with both new projects and revisions on existing ones. The slides associated with this report are now available for Lium clients – register or log in below to see them…

Natgas Power Surge On Heatwave

This past week, U.S. natural gas power demand hit all-time June highs on record heat in the Northeast and Northwest, highlighting the importance of the fuel during the energy transition.