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For Energy Investors

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New: Lium solarSAT™

  • Satellites trained on ~350 potential U.S. solar projects
  • Daily changes monitored to track ground breaking (FirstDIRT™), panel delivery, and installation
  • Data aggregated into various datasets and monthly summary products
  • Data analyzed at both project and company level

Eliminate guesswork, surprises, and lagging data from your decision making.
Get solarSAT™.

Reports & Data Designed For:

Public Company Investors​

Identify winners and losers. Understand addressable market. Fundamental forecasts, trends, and reports. Primary and boots-on-the-ground data that challenge status quo and supports investment thesis.

Private Equity Investors​

Identify high growth niches. Cut the noise and avoid value traps. Find opportunities to deploy capital. Reliable forecasts and fundamental data. Primers and market overview reports. Gauge exit timing. Stay ahead of the industry.

Industry Executives

Market positioning and strategy. Competitive landscape and addressable market. Board and investor meeting preparation. Forecasts and trends. Stay ahead of peers. Supply chain, cost, and price discovery.

Impactful RESEARCH:

Trusted Knowledge Partners

Lium clients include Fortune 500 companies, private equity firms, hedge funds, mutual funds, private companies, and more. Find LIUM data frequently cited in the mainstream financial press.

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Data Synthesis For Energy Markets

Who We Are
Before joining forces to create Lium, the firm’s partners independently built their own market research firms (Coras Research and Infill Thinking). Each of these platforms established long track records of accurate forecasts and influential publishing in energy markets. Lium’s approach is a hybrid research model incorporating data service, equity research, and thematic market intelligence.