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Weekly Observations (data for week of 7/2/2021)

  • Wind continues to disappoint, falling even further this week after weakness in June
  • This week wind was only 6% of US electricity used, down from 9% last week
  • Picking up the slack this week were gas and coal which each had nice little upticks to offset wind as solar and other sources stayed roughly flat w/w
  • Regionally, demand was strongest last week in NE/Atlantic followed by the southeast; however, Florida, CAISO, and ERCOT were each down w/w
  • U.S. electricity demand in total continued tracking up slightly ahead of year-ago levels last week…
  • …But next week’s update will be interesting to watch (especially ERCOT data) as the weather around our Austin office and in other parts of Texas has been cooler than normal

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About Lium's Weekly Powershot

This exercise synthesizes data from a wide range of sources in the US power generation market to show how the electricity consumed this week was generated. The weekly snapshot also provides historical context for this week’s power consumption in the US relative to prior periods.

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