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Weekly Observations (Week Of 5/14/2021)

  • U.S. electricity consumption posted a pretty benign week – about flat week over week and still up tracking up 2.5% vs. last year (consistent with past couple weeks)
  • Wind was the only power source that declined w/w (for the second week in a row), and was 5% below the YTD average this week
  • Gas took a step back after hitting a 2.5-month high last week and was within a normal range relative to the past several months last week
  • Coal continues to exhibit some strength, up only slightly this week but up 26% this month y/y
  • But the nod for best performance for the week goes to Solar, with a 4% w/w gain putting this source up 25% y/y as the installed base continues to grow (this week, we highlighted some strong growth rates in installations, which are heating up in resi solar)
  • In terms of geo-markets, Florida took a step back after a big week last week and California had a slightly stronger week bringing it in line with year ago levels
  • Visit the Lium Power Consumption model for interactive forecasts 


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About Lium's Weekly Powershot

This exercise synthesizes data from a wide range of sources in the US power generation market to show how the electricity consumed this week was generated. The weekly snapshot also provides historical context for this week’s power consumption in the US relative to prior periods.

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