• In February, the fully utilized fleet count is tracking 175, down a touch from January, but still ~10% better than the Q4’20 average
  • The Permian has been the key driver in recent weeks, now over 80 fleets
  • Bakken, Rockies, EF have flattened out having outsized gains last quarter
  • U.S. active fleets are now close to 190 (fleets that have worked at least one job in last 2-weeks)
  • At current levels, we believe the U.S. can maintain flat shale production, with potential growth later in 2021

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About Lium's Monthly Shale Fleets

This exercise synthesizes data from a wide range of sources in the US oil and gas market to provide insight on how many frac fleets are fully utilized and active in the U.S.

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